Victims Fall in Love with their Captors

An expert on human captivity testifying at a torture trial said abuse victims often become so dependent on their attackers they are unable to leave the situation.  They actually become enamored with their captors enough to not want to be free.  “They’re powerless, helpless. This is what they are stuck in. They have to make do. They have to focus on keeping the captive happy and live moment to moment,” Dr. Kris Mohandie said.

The above is well known in the world of psychology/forensic psychology  and psychiatry/forensic psychiatry.  It’s called Stockholm Syndrome.  It’s the same thing as what happens when Addiction takes you captive.  You become so dependent that you fear leaving it.

powerGod is the ONLY One who can successfully bring you back from a captive Addiction.  Nothing else and no one else can secure that permanence for you.  God NEVER leaves you Powerless.  “For God has not give us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.”

You were designed by God to win victoriously!   All you have to do is receive Him.

______________________  –  Teshuvah Road is the Road on which Addiction ENDS.



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